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Firm Principals


Don Hutchison, President


Don has over 40 years of experience in facility planning and design. He offers extensive experience in a wide-range of projects and has been a key member of numerous project design teams for educational, institutional, commercial, retail, religious, recreational, and industrial projects. He has also been the Principal Architect in hundreds of remodels, additions, roof overbuilds, and re-roofs. Don is recognized by the roofing industry as one of the leading architectural consultants for roofing design and construction.

Don is active in the community and serves as a director for the Boise School Education Foundation. He is also a pilot and avid outdoorsman.

"Don Hutchison is a capable architect, a man of integrity, and has always delivered a quality product."
Edward Davis, Ed.D., Former Superintendent
Boise Independent School District


Bob Smith, Vice President


Bob offers over 30 years of experience in building design, building code analysis, office space programming, site programming and custom homes. His expertise includes the design of "forward thinking" buildings with high-tech communications systems offering flexibility and space for future technological advancements. Bob's extensive experience has kept HSA's design and documents at their highest quality.

Bob volunteers his time serving the community, enjoys the outdoors and is also an Iron Man Triathlon finisher.

"Bob has demonstrated knowledge of all facets of building design and construction including site and space planning and roof design as well as construction management."
Cliff Squires, Former DPW Manager
Real Estate Division, Qwest Communications